Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's cool it, the old way

my pimped pic!

After searching for it for quite sometimes, I finally stumbled into this OEM cold air intake hose, normally attached with the proton saga iswara production cars from 1998 and below. The millennium batches were sold without this air ramp extension. No, it is not sold in spare parts shops. Have to hunt those earlier production cars. So it's quite rare, really. And not everyone really care about it too. Thank goodness. hehehe.

Tested on hi revs, the temperature remain stabil. So it doesnt affect much to the previous AFR setup. So it's good to go!

The best thing is, got it FOC. Thanks to that foremen. Thanks man!

By the way, this is how it looks like in the engine bay. Keep it simple. Keep it low! hehehehhhs

my pimped pic!