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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Walking Like Crabs

Since the last accident, I've been repairing the car bits by bits. Repairing also means modifications to me. One of the major repair is the trailing arms. It seems that the panel workshop did not seems to change it, as claimed, or maybe it was changed with a bad one, eitherway, it meant that I got a faulty trailing arm. It started with making weird noise, but I chose to ignore it since it doesnt effect the handling. But kinda lately, it has started messing with the handling. Handling and braking is priority number one for me. Doesn't matter how fast or how pretty your car is, if your handling sucks, well, it's not quite safe to drive. In other words, it's risky!

After some inspections, found out that there were some loose nuts. And the trailing is in a bent condition. No wonder why the alignment machine found out that the camber and the alignment at the back is so out of tune!

Now, immediate action is needed. I was trying to source out the most appropriate choices for me, which took some effort. If money wasn't an issue, I would've opted for a new one, which bear the cost of rm1.5k-2.8k. The recondition trailing arms got a reputation of not being a reliable product. If you are lucky, you'll get a good one. If you're not, you're getting a good one, but only work in a short amount of time. Out of a nowhere, someone offered me a second hand one, which is quite hard to get, and it came with a reasonable price. Without further considerations, I said 'yes'. So there you go.

Here's the old one. Along with it is the UR anti roll bar (which, of course, I took it back with me and installed it back again with the current one.)


Now this is the original second hand trailing arm


The part changing process


there..I thought the problems were settled.


Turns out that the current trailing arm also suffered misalignment and needed camber adjustment. Then I stumbled into a workshop that have the proper tools to pump up the camber again. Here are they:



4 hours later, the car was running on the street again. This time it wasn't crab walking anymore. But, the noises were there again! Maybe I need to check the bushes..That will have to wait


  1. assalamualaikum..
    leh bagitau lokasi dan kos pembaikan?

  2. pakai iswara juga...dah pening cam na nak settle kan jalan mcm ketam..