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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bolt On!!

Why go through the hassle of engine transplant when you can simply BOT the current one? Envy or hate. Big claps for those who dare to take risks and be different.





  1. salam bro..
    keta ni enjin standard @ dh modify..
    injection guna keta apa punya ni..gerun btullllll

  2. enjin owner hantar stended carb. then the rest semua bengkel yg settlekan. my guess is, the engine still 1.5 stroked. it all rest at the BOT parts and and engine setup. not using the more popular TD0x turbine, but this tuner chosed a turbine from a different manufacturer.

  3. Askum.. sye ingin bertanye disini. sye mmiliki iswara 1.3 saloon standard. sye ingin bot injection enjin jugak. saudara yazmin tau x part ape yg sesuai n brapa kosnye? untuk pngetahuan saudara sye ni tiggal kat k. terengganu. fizan_love_hanis@yahoo.com.my

  4. BOT on 4G13/4G15 will not gain high power with low boost. Eventually my guess would be around 100-110HP on crank.

    That's why people will go for swapping.

    Anyway, this is a damn good job being done.
    Two thumbs up for the work!!!! =D

  5. sorry guys..
    havent visit this blog as often as i used to.

    kos injection (siemen) = 1k ++
    engine management = 1K - 4K
    BOT = ntah, few more Ks lagi kot
    upah = at least tau, 1K.
    kalo tanak pening, tukar enjin lain. kalo nak adventure sikit, boley jer bot, selagi $$$ dan masa tidak menjadi halangan. kena sanggup jadi tikus putih juger ler. research = money. itu gear ratio tak main lagi tuss..

    yes, a good job indeed. the tuner chosed a turbine from toyota, not the normal mitsubishi stuff..something to do with the boost.