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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Wonderful World of Webers

Hi, thought I'd like to share with you guys a lil something about weber carbs on a 4g13/5 engine. Just an experience from my previous setup during my old weber days. Miss them 'sometimes'.


This is a progressive downdraft carb, with one barrel opening after another. Never had the chance to use it, since I sold it first. Skywalker from SIC had the experience using it, while I only had the experience on purchasing it and making some money out of it. Here's some pics.




The DCNF36

Now, this was my first downdraft weber carb planted on my engine bay. Got it full set with manifold, custom adaptor and K&N airfilter. It's a double barrel carbs opening at the same time. Nice. Lovely sound. Good throttle response. FC is more or less the same with the OEM aisan carb.

Used it for about a month or two, then it's time for upgrades, to a better and nastier carbie. Yeah!!





DCOE40 (The King of It All!)

4 Barrel opening at the same time, well, what more could you ask! Have to throw a mild cam just to match the power produced from this mean devil at the tiny 4g13/5. engine. Getting the right tuning and setup is not easy, but not impossible. Once you got it right, it's an addicted habit to smack that acceleration pedal. Managed to get 0-100 at 9 secs.




After all of these, i've changed to a modified standard carbie. Ehem.

: Carbs really do make wonders!

here's a video during dcoe days. just cruising on a normal road.night time.


  1. what happen to the carb? sold it?

  2. bleh tolong sms ke nombor saya 0179002001 utk saya dapatkan dcoe40 webber tak?

  3. anonymous,
    experience with a few webers before.
    in the end, there's one thing that i kept missing badly. I need AIR COND BACK!
    so I sold them all, use back the OEM carb, with some modifications applied..
    Now, i got the A/C back, the power is not too far off from the webers, and the sounds is stended giler. eventhough the weber sounds awesome, but i dont really like getting the attention from the street crowds, and of course, the authorithy. have to add a bonnet pin lock, just for the sake of peace of mind when left the car at the parking lot.

    gogle around. Once in a blue moon, somebody will sell it. grab it if you see it coming.

  4. bro yaz, u mentioned ur using the OEM carb, with some modifications applied. And the power is not too far off from the webers. Mind sharing more info on the modifications done?

  5. yeah, you have to do a lil bit of mods at the carb to match the output power of your engine. mainly, the jettings needed to be modified. I let the tuners to do it for me. :)

    1. hi, boleh tau mana tuner boleh tune dcoe tak?..area kl/pj